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What is PNR Status

If you are new to train ticket reservation procedure, you might not be aware what PNR Status Check actually means. It is an acronym for Personal or Passenger Name Record. This unique 10-digit number is associated with various details such as your booking status, journey details, e.t.c. It is an identification number.

PNR status enquiry will assist you in knowing the reservation status of the passenger, whether the ticket has been confirmed reservation or placed in the RAC category ( Reservation against cancellation) or wait listed from the Railway server. You can also know the Berth/seat number allotted to you or your reservation group.

All reserved tickets whether confirmed or placed in RAC or Waitlisted by IRCTC, will be given a unique Indian Rail PNR Status and Number. This concept was introduced initially to manage and organize huge number of passengers on single train.

RAC (Reservation against  cancellation): It means, you will be given a non sleeper seat initially and later will be allotted berth against any cancellations made even during the journey. So passengers with RAC PNR Status tickets will be allowed inside Reserved compartments.

WL (Waiting List Status): Waitlisted tickets will be confirmed only against cancellations made before the preparation of  reservation charts. So wait listeds passengers will not be allowed inside reservation compartments after preparation of charts and the ticket amount will be refunded to them in a few hours.

Note that PNR number will not be allotted to each and every passenger, but to a booking which may be for one passenger or up to a maximum of 6 passengers allowed in a single reservation form or through IRCTC booking portal. But Train PNR Status is independent for each passenger.

More Info: Instructions on how to Login to your IRCTC account.

How to Check PNR Status Online

You can know the current status of your reservation (booking list) by simply using the form placed on top of this page or by pursuing the following instructions.

  • SMSing  PNR < number> to 139, replace number with the 10-digit number without brackets.
  • Login to Official IRCTC website ( and view ‘Booking History’.
  • You  can also use and entering the identification number.
  • You can use information kiosks in railway stations, which also specify train routes, current location and other details as well.
  • You can approach the railway counter and request them to specify your PNR status.

Hope you found it useful. If you face any problems or issues while checking your Indian Railway PNR Status, Please contact us through our contact page. Visit our blog for latest updates from Indian Railways, Railway Timetable, e.t.c.